Internationally and here in Australia, Rotary is made up of men and women who are either professionals, business people, business owners or leaders in their field. Anyone joining Rotary is immediately exposed to a wide range of individuals from a plethora of fields. New members have the opportunity to socialize and work with people they would be unlikely to encounter (without paying some cost) in their normal working environment.


Kenmore Rotary is no exception. Our members come from a diverse range of vocations and simply have a depth of experience and skills found in few places. We have leaders from the legal profession, including a very senior member of the Queensland Law Society. Other vocational areas include, the aviation and defense industry, engineering, education and academia, cattle breeding, the Health services and general medicine, drug testing, medical diagnostics, architecture, the finance industry, IT, banking, real estate and mortgage financing, retailing, international franchising, bookkeeping, merchant marine, insurance and lastly a world expert on seismology!


Rotary was the original business networking organisation and that continues today.


Being a Rotarian means that a person has the opportunity to engage and learn from a whole host of experienced and successful individuals. This knowledge could well assist them in the development of their own business or career.