Addressing the issue of domestic violence and providing support to victims will be a top priority of the Kenmore Rotary Club in 2019/20, according to our new President, Martin Grabert. He nominated domestic violence as his priority and said that Kenmore Rotary would join with the other “cluster clubs, Toowong, Paddington, Brookfield and Karana Downs”, Government Agencies, other key stakeholders and the community. 


“It’s an important topic and Rotary has a history of supporting victims for example by establishing safe refuges or helping Police to supply rescue kits. We will identify future avenues of action to bring lasting change and develop schemes for victims and their children to lead a life without oppression and angst The alarming and increasing statistics globally, nationally and within our community is of major concern. Rotary, as a humanitarian organisation, will develop an action plan that will help to end domestic violence,” he said.

International Women’s Day, March 8, 2020 has been identified as the appropriate date to hold a public event to present a “Joint Action Plan” for victims and their children, so that they may lead a future life without oppression.


Speaking at an information evening at the Kenmore Function Centre in July, Sen. Sgt. Shane Hancock from the Indooroopilly Police Station presented statistics which highlighted the seriousness of domestic violence both in Queensland and within the local area.


He said there were 28,000 Domestic Violence Order applications (approximately 55 a day) and 45,500 protection in Queensland last year. Approximately 73% of the victims were female with 12,500 convictions recorded.


Within the Queensland Police Service’s Inner West Division, there were 331 DVO applications and 149 private applications while officers responded to a further 358 calls.


Dr Christian Rowan MP, the State Member for Moggill and Shadow Minister for Communities, Disability Services and Seniors, commended the Rotary Club of Kenmore for taking the lead and bringing a collection of like-minded residents and community organisations together.


“No community is unaffected by domestic and family violence and it is a responsibility of all of us as a community, to work together and to support all strategies and measures to end this scourge. I'd like to thank the President of the Rotary Club of Kenmore, Martin Grabert all Rotary members, and our local Police service for bringing the community together to begin the conversation," he said.


“Rotary will join forces with the other stakeholders to identify how it could make the most difference in fostering respectful relationships in our community, region and abroad”, Dr Grabert replied. “We look to attract more Eminent Speakers in the coming months. Click on Our Eminent Speakers Page for the respective updates," he said.

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