Our Rotary Club has a range of outstanding ongoing projects that transform the lives of individuals, families and whole communities both here in Kenmore and internationally.  You may help us by simply volunteering your time in one of our projects. However if Rotary is something that appeals to you, then consider becoming a member today.

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Christmas Trailer Raffle

This is our major fund raiser every November and December. Funds are allocated to local schools and community organisations. Ever member of Kenmore Rotary is involved selling raffle tickets at Kenmore Village and Kenmore Plaza on weekends. It's a lot of fun and fellowship.


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Community Pantry

During the month of June, Kenmore Village Shopping Centre joins with the Kenmore Rotary in calling on the support of shoppers as part of their ‘Community Pantry’ collection. This initiative aims to help valued local Community Care organisations restock their pantry shelves this Winter.

With larger local charitable activities typically focused on the Summer festive season, the cooler months can be a difficult time for those within our community who may be experiencing hardship. Everyday essential items from food and toiletry staples, to school supplies are often hard to come by.

Thanks to the invaluable charitable work conducted by organisations such as Anglicare, St Vincent de Paul and Salvation Army, for those most in-need, have a means of seeking assistance but supplies often run low and more help is needed.

With your support, we can help reduce the burden placed on our incredible Community Care organisations this Winter season and provide a helping hand to those who need one the most.

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eWaste Connection

Kenmore Rotary is helping to support eWaste Connection with valuable work experience for individuals with disabilities or disadvantaged background. Kenmore Rotary contributed financially to help fund shade sails and reorganise their storage and work areas.

Kenmore Rotary will provide ongoing support as required. 

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Solar Buddies

Solar Buddy is a registered international charity based in Brisbane   and they contact  service organisations like Rotary to connect local schools with other children and families throughout the world who live in energy poverty. This is their Buddy2Buddy program which starts with one small light given from one child here to another living without electricity, and our schools have chosen PNG students to receive their lights.

This program teaches students about solar technology, how the solar cells interact with the rechargeable batteries and the LED lights through the PCB circuits, and how such lights can change lives where homes do not have mains electricity.  Only 20% of the whole PNG population has access to regular electricity, mostly in larger towns, but in rural areas, it is only 6%. These small remote communities would only have smoky kerosene or expensive disposable battery lighting at night, so health, cost & safety issues limit children being able to read or do homework at night

Project leaders Ross Thomas and Brian Becconsall of Kenmore Rotary are keen to support local students in their understanding of sustainable development and to develop international linkages with neighboring countries.  This fits in to Rotary’s motto “Service above Self” and their 4th Object- “Advancement of International Understanding, Goodwill and Peace “.


Containers for Change

Kenmore Rotary has successfully partnered  with a number of businesses and not-for-profit organisations  to collect recyclable drink containers.  Funds raised will be reinvested  in the Community

This program was launched on November 11, 2018 and has been amazingly successful in the short time it has been going -thank you to the partners and community for your support and success. It's currently our second largest fundraiser. 

Currently we have collected nearly 100,000 containers that will now not go into landfill 


Rotary Youth Driver Awareness

RYDA features a highly engaging and memorable one-day workshop which front-loads students’ understanding of road safety. The workshop sessions are designed to be held in small classroom sized groups (approximately 25 students) and are led by a team of trained facilitators including Police, driving instructors and other community sector specialists.

Kenmore Rotary has been providing volunteers and financial assistance to run the RYDA workshop for Year 11 students at Kenmore High for over 10 years.

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Brookfield Show

Kenmore Rotary supports the Brookfield Show Society in May each year issuing gate tickets and collecting entry fees. Ticket sales go to the Brookfield Show Society. The Society makes a contribution to Kenmore Rotary for our services 


Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony

For over 20 years Kenmore Rotary hosted the local Citizenship Ceremony on Australia Day. Rotarians welcome soon to be Australians Citizens and their families as well as officiating officers. New Citizens receive Rotary Congratulators Certificates in addition to their Australian Citizenship Certificates. Morning tea is provided by Kenmore Rotary at the conclusion of the Ceremony.


Rotary thanks the BCC Word Office for their financial assis