Christmas Trailer Raffle raises $19,652

Dai and I have finalised our banking arrangements and am delighted to advise that our members sold 10835 tickets resulting in a profit of $19652.50, after costs and expenses.


Many of our members attended a variety of times at the venues and we tried some interesting and innovative approaches to new venues and selling techniques.


Your Xmas Trailer Committee of Ian Nave, Ian Hutcheson, Lucy and I shared the responsibilities and met from time to time which was successful and identified further opportunities for next year. Thanks Team


Sincere thanks to all members for your patience, commitment and time involved, often at short notice.


Special thanks to Paul and Mary-Anne McLaughlin and Lucy and Alan Biggs for allowing use of their garages for storage of the trailer.


PS Please remember the Local businesses that supported our second prize vouchers whuich we believe was a strong incentive for additional sales and mention your appreciation when using their Services.  



Ken Ryan


Club Update - 6 month Review

President Patrick presented his 6 month review at the Christmas Dinner Meeting. The Club has achieved much in that time:


  • New Members inducted: Kumar Parekh, Scott McKenzie, David Twigg

  • Projects

    • Tymolum Scout Camp - the shed

    • SCIP - The Kenmore Rotary Seat

    • Coottha classic

  • Major Project / Fund Raiser identified

    • CYCLE: Children & Youth Centre for Learning & Education

  • Change in Meeting Venue

  • Trailer Raffle - major success

  • Junior Community Awards / Chapel Hill Primary & KSHS Junior Secondary

  • KSHS - Dave Decker Science Award

  • KSHS - Rotary Youth Driver Awareness

  • National Youth Science Forum - Jack Rynn Science Award

  • Christmas Gifts to children of prisoners (Prison Ministry)

  • Longreach Rotary - drought relief donation

  • Districh Membership Growth Award

  • Recognition from Dept of Immigration for hosting annual citizensahip ceremony


If you would like information on any of the above, please contact Patrick


Club Selects Recipient of Major Funding Project

The Club has selected the Recipient of a major funding project out of an original list of 28 possible recipients.


The Strategic Partnership Project Group comprising Robert Pitt, Kerrie Purcell, Marcus Biggs, Ray King, Bruce Baker, and ably supported by Ian Hutcheson have made a recommendation to the Board which was fully supported.


The project is the CYCLE program which is run by the Churches of Christ Care Queensland (based in Kenmore)

CYCLE -Children & Youth Centre for Learning and Employment


The Kenmore Rotary Charitable Trust will be the conduit for fundraising & financial support for this project.


A new Major Project/Major Fundraiser Group will be formed headeed by Ray King  to drive this important project.


President Patrick presented the Project to members at the Club Forum on December 2. The majority of members present supported the Project.


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Club Returns to Boulevard after 4 Years

With the closure of the River Glen Function Centre the Club meetings will return to Boulevard Gardens. This necessitates some changes to the Club's Program as advised by President Patrick.


"The Management Committee explored venue options in the surrounding area (including Jindalee, Indooroopilly, Toowong and Mt Coo-tha). What we found was only one venue, Boulevard Gardens, which meet with our requirements.


Boulevard Gardens arrangements:

  • meals are plated with alternate drop to the table

  • finger food alternative available, served in meeting room area

  • require a guaranteed minimum of 30 meals/finger food

  • meal numbers required by 4pm the Monday prior to the Wednesday meeting


The Boulevard Gardens cost for the plated meal to the Club is $34. This is much higher than RiverGlenn. Unfortunately, as such, the Club will need to charge members, partners & guests a flat $35/plated meal. If our numbers on any night drop below 30 then the Club will need to pay Boulevard Gardens the difference.


When finger food is served the Club will be able to maintain the existing $20/head price. However, the Club still needs to guarantee a minimum attendance of 30 people and make up any difference.


Due to this cost imposition to members, and potentially the Club, the Management Committee has therefore decided to have finger food served at most meetings charging $20/head to members.


The Club will have a sit down plated meal service every quarter or other special occasions. This is specifically when we know that we will have in excess of 30 people attending.


The upcoming Junior Community Awards evening (18/November) will be a sit down plated meal service at $35 per head.

The next sit down meal will be on Wednesday 20th January which is the usual annual fellowship evening with our other local Rotary clubs in attendance. 


The Management Committee is very aware of the need to maintain costs to members and as such we felt we needed to detail this issue to you."


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