Brookfield Show

Anzac Day

Australian Citizenship Ceremony


A5-0 Activity - Citizenship ceremony 2018 Program  <click here>


A5-1  2018 Set Up Plan  <click here>


A5-2 Certificates Blank 2018 <click here>


A5-3 Chronological Action Plan 2018  <click here>


A5-4 Expression of Interest 2018 <click here>


A5-5 Invitation to  Christian Rowan <click here>


A5-6 Invitation to Kate Richards <click here>


A5-7 Invitation to Jane  Prentice <click here>

A5-8 Invitation to Peter Dutton <click here>

A5-9 MC Running Sheet 2018 <click here>

A5-10 Registration Instructions <click here>

A5-11 Roster  - Club Members 2018 <click here>

A5-12 Task Notes - 2018 <click here>

A5-13 The National Song <click here>



Trailer Raffle


A6-0 Activity Trailer Raffle <click here>


A6-1 Trailer Roster 2020 <click here>


A6-2 Kenmore Trailer Raffle 2020- Sponsors List for Signage <click here>


A6-3 Kenmore Trailer Raffle 2020 - Sponsor Request Letter <click here>


A6-4  Kenmore Trailer Raffle 2012 - Tips on Selling <click here>


A6-5 Kenmore Trailer Raffle Daily EFT and Cash Reconc <click here>


A6-6 Draft Thank You letter to Sponsors 2012 <click here>



Peace Scholars Night


A12-0 Activity Scholars Evening <click here>


A12-1 Sample Run Sheet <click here>


A12-2 Sample Flyer - Peace Scholar Evening <click here>


A12-3 Sample Scholars Evening Task List <click here>


A12-4 Sample Table Flags - A5 <click here>


A12-5 Sample Room Flag <click here>



Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA)


A13-0 Activity - RYDA


A13-1 RYDA Timetable


A13-2 Final Report on RYDA 2015


A13-3 RYDA Report fpr Local Bulletin


Rotary Junior Community Awards


A14-0 Activity Junior Community Awards <click here>


A14-1 RJCA Introductory Letter to Parents 2015 <click here>


A14-2 RJCA Letter Invitation to Presentation Dinner <click here>


A14-3 RJCA PowerPoint Presentation 2015 <click here>



Kenmore State High School Awards


A15-0 Activity KSHC Awards


A15-1 KSHC Awards