50TH Anniversary Dinner - 27 APRIL 2019


Lord Mayor, Lady Mayoress, distinguished guests, fellow Rotarians, ladies and gentlemen.

50 years of community service demands a great orator but unfortunately for you, our honoured guests, the task falls to me.

Sir Winston Churchill is quoted in a novel by Geoffrey Archer in “ This was a man” an important speech should take an hours preparation for every minute it takes to deliver,,, while at the same time, dear boy,,,,, you must have the audience convinced it was off the cuff.

While no Archer or Churchill, I do sincerely believe the many things we, the Rotarian members have achieved collectively are not Archer fiction but are factual, wide ranging, beneficial and have inspirational outcomes from our collaborative efforts.


The Rotary Club of Kenmore has seen individuals arrive, be inducted as active members and take ownership of roles that they identify with and want to achieve community improvements through change. Our Projects are varied and can be local, involved in regional or at an international level. They are for “SERVICE ABOVE SELF” but do result unintentionally in personal and professional improvement and lasting friendships.

At a Club level, we have in recent years responded to community changes and have had female members for many years including four Presidents Judy Xavier, Judy Standish , Joan  Moloney and Kerry Horsbrough.  We also contributed to the Salvation Army’s Women’s Refuge at Red Hill supporting the efforts of our cluster club. Our society and Rotary are grounded by traditions such as the Anzac Day events which our members and supporters annually contribute to. But procedures and traditional ways we do things change, to achieve improvements. We have bent some Rotary bylaws by changing from weekly to fortnightly meetings. This has resulted in reducing costs and time to meetings and more commitment to Projects and outcomes. We are attracting members from a wider demographic who are more conscious of time management making fortnightly meetings more appropriate.

We no longer always display the charter or the president wearing the chain of office. The quick-witted Sargent fines sessions are seldom part of our meetings, but many other clubs retain this tradition. The demands of having to attend other clubs as makes ups or apply formally for leave of absences re no longer relevant in our fast -moving society with immediate interaction on social media. We have moved with technology changes by introducing a web site in 2013-14 and increased the use of direct emails and texts to members.


Internationally we have supported 51 youth exchange students and peace Scholars to live and study here and overseas. We at Rotary Aim to improve international cooperation, seek Peace and understanding of the abilities to have a range of views on different issues. I note we have members from various political perspectives and our club members continue to respect the democratic rights of diversity and open forum. We enjoy Rotary students speaking at our club before and after their trips resulting in long term relations in an increasingly more accessible world. Financially we annually support the POLIO ERADICATION program and our former member Jenny Horton has travelled extensively to administer vaccinations and speak at conferences around the world. She joined former members Bob Rogers and Bill Waterfield as being awarded the highest honour in Rotary the Service above Self Award. The Bill Gates Foundation and Federal Government also support these efforts in partnering with ROTARY INTERNATIONAL.



Our members are continually looking for worthy causes and major Projects. Ian Kilpatrick has highlighted some of these that are on display around the room or in the History book prepared by Paul McLaughlin on your table to take home as a memento of our 50 years. Well done Paul. Looking into the 50-year history BOOK I see we initially had a Pony Raffle and a Santa sack raffle as an early fund raising initiative. This has grown exponentially to an annual Xmas Trailer raffle with many generous locals supporting our sellers at Kenmore Village and Kenmore Plaza. The net result of $15k annually is well utilized and allows our members to promote the ROTARY Brand and explore for new members. It also allows us to introduce new and especially young members to selling techniques, networking and marketing. We thank Barry Searle and his local Bulletin Magazine along with, Helloworld, National Self storage at Indooroopilly, Bunnings and Mitre 10 who are current major supporters. We have a long and fruitful association with the Brookfield Show Society assisting with events and this continues today.




We enjoy having all levels of government here tonight and acknowledge the various opportunities you give to us for direct sponsorship, advice about grants and wise COUNSEL. Specifically, Lord Mayor and Councillor Kate for your direct support towards tonight’s event and the Lucky door prize from Dr Rowan. It would be remiss not to take the opportunity to warn you that we are still on the hunt for a Community facility. We continue to work with EWaste Connection (Monique Lowndes) , Men’s Shed and have lists of 167 Not For Profits all looking for some form of shared or individual premises in our locality. Our Sub Committee is monitoring the many church groups with falling numbers in their congregations looking to see how we can assist these many groups. We are aware of Grants available federally and are continuing to meet to achieve an outcome that has eluded us since 1971. Our members sought and went within a whisker to have YMCA facility off Moggill Road at the back OF THE CHURCHES. Look into your Book about these efforts in 1971 and we continue the search. The new initiatives we are pursuing with RECYCLING may be the longer-term funding solution for a Community Hub in Kenmore.


Rotary has been fortunate to have members finding new and innovative ways to use their expertise and contacts. For over 12 years our members Bill and Anne Waterfield, John and Anne Smith, and former membersTed Horsbrough and Royce Allen have been the backbone of retrieving out of date medical devices such as beds, walking frames, disused glasses, dressings, student desks and books. Our members work on Saturdays storing cleaning and packing these supplies into shipping containers to the Solomon’s and PNG. A Great Project with regional overseas results. 



Our Successive Boards have seen the benefits of Tax deductible projects. Increasingly with Professional Indemnity and Work Place Health and Safety and Insurance reporting required to Rotary International we are unlikely to see Rotarians on ladders painting, lifting a school building with ropes and pulleys that you the Past Rotarians often did at Glenleighden Special School. Therefore we have established a Charitable Trust in 2012-13 and this year we have used this facility to direct some of our Funds to the Longreach Drought Appeal and subsequently Townville Flood Appeal. Promotion through the Local Bulletin regarding tax-deductibility resulted in SIGNIFICANTLY growing our contributions.

We have chartered new Rotary Clubs of Brookfield, Karana Downs, Mt Coo-tha, Indooroopilly and St. Lucia. We have introduced 5 Probus Clubs to our District and worked with various schools including Kenmore State High School, Chapel Hill State School, Kenmore State School, Our Lady of the Rosery School and Brigidine School. We are involved in youth development, science awards, counselling, safe driving courses and leadership initiatives to name a few.


The Committee of co-chaired by Geoff Haigh and Brian Becconsall with Paul McLaughlin, Jim Dalton and Ray Giarola have met regularly for some 2 years in preparation for tonight. Thank you for your Service and efforts to make this a memorable evening.

This year two of our own members were recognized in the Australia Day Awards and I commend to you the efforts and recognition they both deserve. Please acknowledge Margaret de Wit and Geoff Haigh. Congratulations!!!!!



In conclusion this is a celebration of your efforts to date.

Our invited guests, members, your partners should all be proud and excited by your efforts and the future of ROTARY that our incoming President Martin will outline later tonight.

I commend YOU all for your efforts to date, your attendance tonight and your ongoing promotion of our brand, the ROTARY CLUB of KENMORE. 



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